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  • New Puppy? What to do first
    New Puppy? What to Do First The first week with a new puppy in Reisterstown is sure to be exciting but can also be unnerving. With these tips, you will learn Read more
  • Holiday Fun with Your Pet
    Why to Give Your Pet Top Veterinary Care This Holiday Season The holiday season is a very fun and joyous time of the year for all people. At this time, it Read more
  • Reptiles
    Reptiles Caring for pets is a large part of your life with a pet and making sure you have a vet that can care for your specific pet can make a Read more
  • Flea & Tick Prevention: Keeping Your Cat Safe from Fleas & Ticks
    What You Need to Know About Fleas and Ticks If you are a pet owner, educating yourself on the risks that threaten your pet is your first line of defense in Read more
  • Why Dental Hygiene is Important For Pets
    Why Dental Hygiene is Important For Pets The estimation is that nearly eighty-five percent of all pets suffer from periodontal disease within three years old. Benefits of a Dental Cleaning Pet dental care Read more
  • Importance of Vaccinating Your Pets
    Importance of Vaccinating Your Pets He's your baby, your best buddy, and you can't sleep without him sprawled over the bed. You give him only natural, organic food, and make sure Read more
  • Exotic Animal Care
    Exotic Animal Care Exotic animals are becoming more and more mainstream. Stretching more and more to the highly exotic (Hedgehog for a pet anyone?). What is considered an “exotic Animal” per Read more
  • Is your House Pet Friendly
    TLC for Pets - Your Reisterstown Veterinarian Our caring and compassionate veterinary team believes in offering a full spectrum of animal care for your beloved pets. For more than 15 years, Read more
  • TLC For Pets Veterinary Hospital Promotes Pet Obesity Awareness
    TLC For Pets Veterinary Hospital Promotes Pet Obesity Awareness Just as in humans, obesity is becoming a growing problem for pets. And like humans, pets can develop a number of health Read more
  • Puppy/Kitten Awareness
    Puppy/Kitten Awareness Getting a new puppy or kitten for your family can be an exciting time, but it’s important to understand that these pets require a lot of time and work Read more
  • Pet Allergy Awareness
    Pet Allergy Awareness Like people, pets are susceptible to environmental, seasonal, and food allergies. Allergic reactions often include sneezing, coughing, rashes, and other skin conditions. By recognizing allergy symptoms, you can Read more
  • Welcome To Our Animal Hospital in Reisterstown
    Animal Hospital in Reisterstown If you are a cat or dog owner, keeping your pet healthy throughout their life is of the utmost importance. Reach out to Animal Hospital in Reisterstown Read more
  • Poisonous Plants
    When having plants to your home, it's important to consider which of those may have ill effects for your pets. Flowers that may simply look and smell nice to you, Read more
  • Your Pet And Veterinary Dental Exams
    Good oral hygiene for your pet begins with your pet getting a dental exam. At TLC for Pets Animal Hospital in Reisterstown, we provide yearly dental exams for your pet Read more
  • Senior Dog Care
    TLC For Pets Veterinary Hospital Can Help With Senior Dog Care The age of which a dog is considered a “senior" animal varies according to its size. Very large breeds are Read more
  • Puppy Care
    Puppy Care At TLC for Pets Getting a new puppy can be an exciting time for you and your family. Your puppy is adorable, and most likely everyone in your circle Read more