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Pet Eye Infections FAQ

Even when you provide your pet with the best nutrition and care possible, they may still develop infections. Eye infections, unfortunately, occur frequently in pets. If your pet is struggling with an eye infection, TLC for Pets can provide the best care possible for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and even exotic pets. We're located in both Reisterstown and Owings Mills and provide high-quality veterinarian care for pets. If your pet has an eye infection the following are a few pet eye infections FAQ you need to know.


Can Eye Infections in Cats and Dogs be Cured?

Yes, most types of infections can be cured. A veterinarian will often prescribe eye drops or topical creams such as ointments. Sometimes eye drops will be used to reduce pain and irritation while the vet will treat the underlying condition that caused the eye infection. Sometimes the underlying infection is treated with antibiotics. In some cases, surgery may be needed for an eye infection to completely heal.

Are Eye Infections Preventable?

Keeping a pet's immune system strong is one way to prevent all types of infections. A healthy diet that includes Vitamin A, C and D may help limit infections. Many times, however, infections can't be prevented. This is often the case when infections are the result of an injury.

Are Some Breeds of Dogs and Cats more Susceptible to Eye Infections?

There are some types of animals that do seem to get infections more easily. Terriers, Pugs, Spaniels, and Bloodhounds are more susceptible to dry eye than other breeds. Bengal cats and Exotic Shorthair cats are more prone to eye diseases than other types of cats.

What are Some of the Most Common Eye Infections a Veterinarian Treats?

There are several specific types of eye infections that occur frequently in dogs or cats.

  • Conjunctivitis - This is inflammation of the thin membrane covering the eye. It's also known as pink eye. It can affect both dogs and cats.
  • Keratitis - This involves inflammation in the part of the eye called the cornea.
  • Uveitis - This is an infection in the iris and in the tissues behind the iris.
  • Ulcers - Ulcers can develop because of scratching or other injuries to the eye.

TLC for Pets

When looking for treatment for eye infections, as well as many other conditions, TLC for Pets provides experienced and compassionate veterinarian care. We offer several types of services for pets including wellness exams, puppy and kitten care, senior pet care, and a variety of surgeries. If you're in either Owings Mills or Reisterstown, give us a call at (410) 833-1717 to schedule your pet’s check-up today!