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Pet Dental Care With  Reisterstown Veterinarian

Pet Dental Care With  Reisterstown Veterinarian

Your pet's dental health is just as important a part of their overall health care regimen as anything else. Here at TLC for Pets, we understand this, and make sure we offer the highest quality dental care for dogs and cats of all breeds, types, and ages. Good dental health is so important to your pet's overall wellbeing....maybe even more than you realize. When your dog or cat has clean, healthy teeth, they are less likely to get gum disease, to lose teeth, or to have pain from bad teeth. Getting regular dental cleanings and checkups can also prevent "doggie" or "kitty" breath, and can give your veterinarian the opportunity to catch any signs of oral cancer at the earliest phase, when it is most easily treated and cured. You should be making dental care a routine part of your pet's health care schedule. It really does improve their happiness and quality of life.

If you have tried to clean your pet's teeth at home, you know how challenging it can be, especially with cats. When you start brushing their teeth when they are very young, they often get used to it and even enjoy it for the attention it brings them (as well as a dental-smart treat). However, if your pet was not trained from kitten or puppyhood to accept brushing, you know it's an almost Herculean task. That is why it is a good idea to feed your pet plaque and tartar-fighting foods, and bring them in to our office once or twice a year for a professional cleaning.

What Dental Care Services Does TLC for Pets Offer?

Preventative Care--We can teach you how to use a toothpaste designed for animals to brush your pet's teeth at home in between visits to our office. A regular brushing schedule at home is the basis of preventive care. Some pets are more challenging than others when it comes to this, but our veterinarian will teach you the best technique to use on your pet to get even a basic brushing done with as little hassle as possible.

Deep Cleaning--Even the best at-home brushing won't get the hard plaque and tartar that can build up under the gum line on your pet. That is why  professional cleanings at our office are necessary. We do these cleanings under a general anesthesia for your pet's comfort, and to allow us to do the most thorough cleaning possible, while your pet is in a relaxed state.  

Dental X-rays and Extractions-- When your pet is anesthetized for a deep cleaning and dental evaluation, we can take x-rays and examine the mouth for signs of disease. If we find an issue, we go over it with you, and let you know your pet's treatment options, so you can decide what is best for your furry friend. If a tooth requires extraction, we can do that, too.

Dental Checkups--At a pet's annual checkup, we typically evaluate the mouth, teeth, and gums so that we can make the best recommendations for your pet.  

What to Do Next: Contact Reisterstown Veterinarian

Contact us to make an appointment for your pet's initial consultation. We will advise you on any further dental care needs your pet may have, once we have had a chance to evaluate their teeth and mouth. We look forward to welcoming you to the TLC for Pets family. You can reach us at:

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