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Pet Grooming FAQs

TLC for Pets Provides Excellent Pet Grooming and Veterinary Care 

Keeping your pet well-groomed is part of making sure your pet is as healthy as possible. Regular grooming not only makes your pets look better but can make them feel better. There are several basic pet grooming FAQs you should know. At TLC for Pets in Reisterstown, we can provide excellent pet care as well as quality grooming services.


Are Vaccinations Required for Grooming?

Most veterinarian clinics and even pet stores will require that vaccination records be brought in prior to your grooming appointment. TLC for Pets can provide vaccinations for your pets if they have not received the required and recommended vaccinations yet.

Do I need to Book an Appointment in Advance?

Appointments are generally required for pet grooming. You will want to call ahead so you can schedule a time that works best for you. At TLC for Pets we encourage you to call and schedule an appointment, so we have enough time to give your pets the attention they deserve.

What is Included in Pet Grooming?

You may think of bathing, brushing, and trimming as the general basics included in pet grooming. While this is true, there is a lot more that is included in thorough pet grooming.

  • Providing Dental Services - Clean teeth are extremely important to your pet's overall health.
  • Trimming Nails - Keeping nails clean and trimmed is part of a healthy hygiene routine.
  • Checking for Parasites - The fur and the ears of your pet should be examined for things such as fleas, ticks, and mites.

How Much Does it Cost to Groom a Pet at an Animal Hospital?

How much it will cost to groom your pet will likely depend on several factors. The following are factors that may affect grooming costs.

  • Size of the Pet - It may cost more and take more time for a larger pet. The type of fur or hair your pet has may also affect the cost.
  • Type of Breed - Some breeds may require more detailed grooming.
  • Type of Grooming Desired - Some owners may request that the fur or hair look a specific way. This may possibly cost more.

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TLC for Pets provides excellent veterinary care in Reisterstown. We also provide professional grooming that can keep your pet looking great and as healthy as possible. We offer a variety of veterinarian services including wellness checkups, behavioral treatment, pain management, and spaying and neutering services. Our animal hospital also provides a variety of surgery, exotic pet care, and extensive office hours. Contact TLC for Pets in Reisterstown for more information.