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Meet Our Team

  • Dr. Mitchell Lucas

    Dr. Mitchell Lucas is our full time vet and the founder of TLC for Pets.
    Dr. Lucas graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1986 and began practicing in the Baltimore area in 1987.

    Dr. Lucas currently has two cats, a golden retriever, and a pug/beagle/mystery mix.    Dr. Lucas enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine.   His wife and three adult children all love animals as well.

  • Dr. Joy Goode

    Dr. Joy Goode is one of our very knowledgeable and reliable part-time vets.  Dr. Goode has been helping us since 2008. Our long-time clients have been extremely happy with the consistent care their pets receive here.

  • Sarah (Professional Groomer)

    Do your pets need a little 'me' time? You can feel comfortable leaving them in the very capable hands of Sarah, our professional groomer. With more than five years of experience, she will meticulously attend to your pet. Our clients love her work!

  • Steph, Becca, Jasmine, Lynn, Kristen, Donna, Vickie, Tracy, Sarah T, Rebekah, Jasmine M, Keri (our technician, assistant, and receptionist team)

    Our crew is passionate about pets and very dedicated to TLC for Pets and our clients' animals.  Some team members have been here for many years and are very familiar to our long-term (Pictured is Little Bit, who greeted clients at TLC for many years,)

The TLC Extended Family- 

Thanks to Deena Lucas for her ongoing assistance from far away, Susan Lucas (Dr. L.'s wife) for her behind-the-scenes help and inspiration, our former staff (some of whom we still see regularly), and all the former high school and college part-time employees and volunteers (many of whom went on to vet schools) who have brought their enthusiasm to us and hopefully have carried a little of TLC with them all over the country.