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What Veterinarians Can Do for Pet Rabbits

Rabbits are some of the most loving and adorable pets out there. Our staff at TLC for Pets Animal Hospital in Reisterstown, MD, area provide top-quality care for your small animal pets. Dr. Mitchell Lucas is experienced in all types of veterinarian care. 


Veterinary Hospital Care

Veterinary experts offer a variety of medical services for your pet rabbit. Like any animal we care for, rabbits need hospital care. Vets can help rabbits and other small pets even under the most difficult circumstances. Similar to cats and dogs, rabbits occasionally need surgical treatments. This is due to injury, old age, or a medical condition. 

Another service our Reistertown, MD, veterinarian offers your pet rabbit, is having your pet rabbit spayed or neutered. Rabbits can go from being a few cute pets to a few too many if they are not fixed. This also tends to make the rabbits more docile and helps prevent injuries from fighting. It also saves your home as male rabbits who have not been neutered mark their territory by chewing on whatever they can get their teeth on. 

Pet Rabbit Day Care

If you’re heading out of town, you don’t need to leave your animal at home alone. Veterinarians don’t just offer hospital services, they can also offer daycare for your pet. 

This is great for people who are going to be out of town for an extended time. If you’re leaving your rabbit at home while you are on vacation or a work trip, you can instead have that rabbit stay with your vet. This makes sure that your rabbit is going to get the social interaction it needs and all its needs are met. You wouldn’t leave a dog at home alone for days on end and rabbits are just as social. 

Routine Checkups with Your Veterinarian

Veterinary care isn’t just for when your rabbit gets sick. The best way to make sure your pet is in top health is to make regular appointments for checkups. Veterinarians can make sure your rabbit is up-to-date on their shots, they can check to see if your pet has early signs of illness, and they can suggest corrections for any behavioral problems. 

Just like with their owners, the best way to keep a rabbit healthy is to go in for a routine checkup and catch problems before they start. 

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