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Getting the Best Pet Care for Birds at the Reisterstown Veterinarian

Many types of birds make good family pets and require little care. Feathered pets aren’t the most common animals we see as pets, but that doesn’t mean they don’t require regular veterinary care. Most birds need to visit the Reisterstown veterinarian at least as often as dogs and cats. TLC for Pets understands that birds are part of your family and you want to keep them healthy and happy. Our staff at the Reisterstown Animal Hospital will provide you with the regular care they need as well as treatment for any urgent conditions that occur.


When to Take Your Bird to the Veterinarian

Different species of birds have different lifespans. Early on, you should take your bird to the veterinarian once annually for regular checkups. If your pet develops any signs or symptoms of illness, let your vet know. Birds who are older or who require medical treatment will need to see the vet more often. The time to start making regular visits to the vet is right after you first bring it home. This ensures you welcome a healthy pet into your home to protect it and your other pets and family members.

Like any other pets, some diseases and health problems aren’t obvious just from looking. It’s important to have your pet examined and screened for viruses, bacteria, and parasites. The vet might also perform blood tests to learn about organ function and other processes. If you aren’t sure whether the bird is female, your vet can perform a blood test to determine this as well. Knowing the sex will provide a clue to the health needs of the birth that differs between males and females. Finally, discuss having the bird vaccinated to keep it safe against viral diseases.

Transporting a Bird for Pet Care at the Reisterstown Animal Hospital

Keeping your pet in a dark, quiet container will keep it safe during transportation. Buy an appropriate pet carrier or use a secure cardboard box with holes punched in it for ventilation. Put a clean, dry cloth at the bottom of the container and remove any perches or toys. This will help keep your pet calm and prevent it from getting hit by any loose items in the container. Keep it in a secure place in the vehicle and talk with it to let it know it isn’t alone.

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