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Kitten Care

If you just took in a kitten to keep as a pet, you are most likely excited about caring for this small bundle of fluff. Kittens require proper care so that they remain in the best of health. One task to perform when caring for a kitten is bringing it to TLC for Pets in Reisterstown at routine intervals for check by our veterinarian. Here are some tips to keep your kitten safe and healthy and how veterinary care at our animal hospital can help.

kitten sitting in a field of grass

Obtain Necessary Materials For Comfort

A kitten requires a few items to keep it comfortable. Make sure to invest in a pet food dish and water bowl and keep these items in the same location daily so your kitten knows where to eat and drink. A litter pan filled with cat litter is necessary for your pet to have a place to go to the bathroom. Sift the litter daily with a litter tool and refill as needed. Purchase toys made for cats for your kitten to play with. Make sure they do not have pieces of string that could be bitten off or portions that could cause choking.

Do A Check Of Your Home For Safety Hazards

Your pet is likely to be curious as it makes its way around your home. Get down on all fours and look for potential hazards. Remove any chemical agents from areas that your kitten will utilize. Look for sharp objects and move them upward or into locked cabinets to keep your pet from getting injured as well. Small items could be eaten, so it is best to keep them in a location that your kitten cannot access.

Keep Tabs On Your Pet's Behavior And Seek Vet Care When Needed

It is wise to observe your pet often so you become aware of its behavior. If your kitten acts different from the norm, it may be suffering from a medical condition. This would require a trip to our veterinarian for an assessment. If at any time your kitten is not eating or drinking, vomits or has trouble going to the bathroom, became injured with broken bones or bleeding, becomes extremely lethargic, or is unresponsive, an emergency appointment is necessary to check on its health condition. Regular visits with our vet are best to keep your kitten updated with necessary immunizations and preventative procedures for optimal health. 

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