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Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated from our Reisterstown Veterinarian

Pets are susceptible to a variety of conditions. At TLC for Pets in Reisterstown, we provide veterinary care to treat the many conditions that your pet may experience over the course of his or her lifetime. By providing a full range of services and by helping animals with all manner of needs, we can help your pet get the treatment he or she requires to stay healthy and happy.  

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Periodontal Disease and Dental Disease

Periodontal disease is a serious condition that affects many pets. Pets suffering from periodontal disease may have inflamed gums, bleeding gums, lost teeth, missing or chipped teeth and other problems. Periodontal disease can even negatively affect your pet's breath, which can make it unpleasant to be around your pet. At TLC for Pets, we provide periodontal disease treatment through proper dental care. We clean the enamel above and below the gum line, and we also extract infected pet teeth. 


Cancer can strike at any time in a pet's lifetime and can end the life of a pet if not treated properly. Our cancer treatments include surgical treatment, medications and more. We provide a diagnosis of your pet's condition to help ensure that your pet gets treatment in a timely fashion. 

Ear Infections

Pets are vulnerable to ear infections, and this is especially true of pets with long, floppy ears. At TLC for pets, we help pet owners prevent ear infections. We show pet owners how to clean their pet's ear and how to dry their pet's ear after it gets wet. We also provide treatment to pets suffering from ear infections. Medications and topical ointments can help control this problem. 

Medical Emergencies

Medical emergencies like ingestion of a toxic substance or an accident involving a motor vehicle can do serious damage to pets. At TLC for Pets, we provide treatment to pets experiencing medical emergencies. Our veterinary team can help your pet get the care he or she needs quickly and efficiently, so your pet may be in recovery as fast as possible. 

Skin Conditions

Dry skin, rashes and other conditions can cause your pet to scratch so much that it leads to infection. This can be frustrating for pet owners and uncomfortable for pets. At TLC for Pets, we help pet owners understand their pet's skin conditions and we also provide topical treatment. Whether your pet is suffering from a parasitic infection or allergies, we can help your pet avoid skin condition flare ups and other problems.  


Heartworm, fleas, ticks and other parasites can cause serious problems for pets. Our veterinarians can provide a range of preventatives to help protect your pet from these parasites. If your pet should become infected, we provide diagnosis and treatment. 

Eye Trouble

Dogs and cats are susceptible to many of the same eye conditions as people, plus a few other conditions that are specific to animals. From infections to injuries, we help pets get treatment. We prescribe medications and perform surgical procedures to help protect your pet's eyes. 


Diabetes is a condition that occurs when your pet is unable to control his or her blood sugar levels. We provide a diagnosis of this condition and also provide medications to help control the problem. 

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At TLC for Pets, we provide veterinary treatment in Reisterstown. We offer a range of treatments for pet conditions, from cancer to diabetes. To make an appointment, contact us today at  (410) 833-1717 .