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Pet Allergies Treatment | Reisterstown Vet

Pet Allergies Information from Your Reisterstown Veterinarian


Pet owners may suspect allergies when their dog has chronic ear infections, skin eruptions that never clear up, problems with vomiting and diarrhea, frequent sneezing, watery eyes or constant scratching. These issues may indicate the body’s reaction to allergens in the environment, compounds used in the home or foods they consume. At TLC For Pets, we can do a thorough evaluation of your pet’s allergy problem and find the right veterinary treatment to improve your animal’s comfort and well-being.

Environmental Allergies

Environmental allergies can be seasonal or present at all times. Your pet may react to pollen from weeds, grass or trees. Mold spores can also cause a reaction. You may notice your pet rubbing his ears or eyes, coughing or scratching frequently. You can keep your pet indoors for the worst of the pollen or mold season, but it will probably not prevent all symptoms. Your vet can provide medications that will help to minimize allergic reactions.

Skin Allergies

Allergies can cause severe skin problems in sensitive animals. They may scratch constantly, lick at their paws, have oozing sores or lose hair. In some cases, the source of the problem is contact with cleaning compounds used in the home or other chemical substance. Animals are often in contact with these compounds when they are sitting or lying on the floor. Pet owners should do a careful review of the types of products and switch to organic substances to provide some relief. Food and outdoor allergens can also cause skin problems. Your vet can help with medications to relieve discomfort and soothe the skin. Both cats and dogs can suffer from fleabites allergies, that is, an allergic reaction to the bite of fleas. This problem can be remedied by careful attention to flea prevention and treatment of areas where the animal may encounter these pests.

Food Allergies

An allergy to a particular ingredient in food can be difficult to pin down. The animal may have skin problems, frequent ear infections, vomiting or diarrhea. Your veterinarian may suggest an elimination diet, in which you feed your pet one simple ingredient at a time to determine which one is causing the problem. You can then design a diet that omits the problem ingredient, but one that will still provide all the nutrients he or she needs for good health.

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