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Pet Diabetes

Pet Diabetes Care with Your Reistertown Veterinarian

pet diabetes

As with people, pets can develop diabetes mellitus, a condition in which glucose is not adequately removed from the body. Diabetes can result in a variety of medical problems, and it can even lead to death if not properly treated. In most cases, symptoms of diabetes will manifest when a pet becomes older, but they can also occur in younger animals and in pregnant animals. Your Reisterstown veterinarian can help you to understand the needs of your pet and can provide veterinary care that will help to keep him or her healthy.

Symptoms of Diabetes

You may notice your pet drinking more water than usual and urinating more frequently. The animal may lose weight, even though it is eating normally or even eating more than usual. In some cases, the animal may lose its appetite. The pet may develop frequent skin or urinary infections. The animal’s eyes may become cloudier. The animal’s coat may lack a normal healthy luster. Cats may develop an abnormal gait. These signs should prompt a visit to your local veterinary hospital for a few tests that can detect health problems.

Risk Factors for Pet Diabetes

Aging often contributes to the loss of ability to utilize insulin effectively. Generally, dogs will begin to exhibit symptoms of diabetes between the ages of 4 and 14. Cats will show symptoms when over the age of 6. Some dog breeds may be susceptible to developing diabetes. Obesity can contribute to the development of diabetes in pets.  Other medical conditions, such as adrenal gland disorders or thyroid disorders and also contribute to developing diabetes.

Treatment of Pet Diabetes

Although pet owners react to a diagnosis of diabetes with alarm, the fact is the condition can be easily treated with medication and good veterinary care. Diabetes is a lifelong health condition that requires good management, but your pet can still live a long, active and happy life. Insulin injections are the standard treatment for diabetes mellitus in pets. You may feel nervous about giving your pet injections on a regular basis, but your veterinarian can teach you the process, and you will soon become an expert. You will also have to administer tests of your pet’s glucose levels. In addition, you will have to visit the vet more frequently to ensure that the condition is being managed correctly. Managing weight and the type of foods your pet eats is also important to good diabetes care.

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