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Senior Dog Care

If you are the owner of an older dog, you likely want to take steps to keep them comfortable and healthy during this time of their life. Older dogs require some extra care to ensure they are living the healthiest possible life. At TLC for Pets, we have years of experience providing residents of Reisterstown and Owings Mills with reliable senior pet care services. Following are some tips for helping your senior dog live the most comfortable life possible.


Allow Your Dog to Take Things Slower

As a dog ages, its body begins to deteriorate, making it difficult for it to move around as easily as it was once able to. If you notice that your dog is struggling to run or jump, it may be suffering from arthritis. It is best to allow your dog to walk at a slower pace in their elderly years. Do not encourage your dog to exercise too strenuously, as it may lead to an injury and immobility.

Provide Your Dog with Tools to Make Life Easier

If your dog struggles to eat or drink because it is unable to reach its bowl or dish with ease, consider purchasing a stand to bring your dog’s bowls up from ground-level. If your dog is unable to jump without difficulty, purchase a dog bed or thick pillow to place on the floor, so your dog can sleep in a place that is comfortable and safe. When you go outdoors, keep your dog on a leash at all times so you can help guide it along at its own pace.

Pay Attention to Your Dog's Diet

When a dog ages, its weight may change. It may become thinner if it is suffering from a medical issue that causes stomach distress. It may gain weight if it is not as active as it was in the past. It is important to keep a watchful eye on your dog's body mass so you can alert our veterinarian if you believe your dog's dietary needs have changed. Our vet will recommend dog food brands for older dogs and will provide a sample feeding schedule as well.

Veterinarian in Reisterstown and Owings Mills

When a dog ages, it needs additional veterinary visits to ensure it remains as healthy as possible. Our veterinarian will assess your dog’s condition during each appointment to identify and address any underlying health issues. We will also monitor your dog’s weight and provide you with nutritional advice. For more information on caring for your senior dog or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian, call TLC for Pets at (410) 833-1717.