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Parasite Prevention

Parasite Prevention in Reisterstown, MD

Flea treatment and tick prevention are critical ways of keeping your pets happy and healthy. If your Reisterstown pets are suffering from a high volume of these pests, it is essential to talk to a veterinary specialist as soon as possible to prevent them from becoming a significant problem.

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The Importance Of These Procedures

Fleas and ticks are disgusting vermin that will bite your pets and suck their blood. Ticks are particularly problematic because they burrow under the skin and are hard to remove. Even worse, these pests can spread a variety of diseases to your pets and cause serious health issues. As a result, it is essential to know how to check your pets for fleas and ticks and how to get them off. 

Checking for Fleas and Ticks 

Make sure to check your pets every day when they come in from outside, especially in summer and spring seasons. Run your hand across their coat to feel any fleas jump or to note any tick bumps. Thankfully, you should be able to see these vermin with your naked eye. Once you do, it is time to treat your pets and get them the preventative care that they need to be free of ticks and fleas. 

The Various Types of Flea Treatment and Tick Prevention Methods

Reisterstown veterinarians can provide you with many types of flea and tick control methods. These include spot-on treatments that go directly on your pets' skin. These medications will not only kill these pests but prevent other ones from jumping on your little buddies. 

There are also a variety of sprays that are similar to spot-on treatments. However, they are usually less abrasive and are used as a topical solution that sprays directly on the fleas and ticks. The most powerful type of treatment method is probably oral medications. These treatments will protect your pet from both ticks and fleas and keep them safe for months at a time.

How a Veterinarian Can Help When You've Lost Control of the Situation 

Taking charge of a flea and tick issue early helps you prevent it from spiraling out of control. Unfortunately, there is also a chance that things could get out of hand and require help. A high-quality veterinarian can provide you with a variety of treatments, including: 

  • Killing all the fleas and ticks on your pet 
  • Managing any health issues they caused 
  • Addressing hair loss that may have occurred 
  • Providing tips for handling this problem in the future 
  • Prescribing preventative medicines for future treatment needs

Let Us Help Your Flea Treatment and Tick Prevention Methods

If you need veterinary helps for your flea prevention and tick treatments, please contact us at (410) 833-1717. At TLC for Pets, we provide Reisterstown, MD residents with high-quality veterinary care and a variety of pet treatments. In this way, you can keep your pet safe and protected from the dangers of ticks and fleas.