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Exotic Animal Medicine

As your choice veterinarian in Reisterstown, we are proud to provide veterinary care services for all of your exotic animals. Our experienced veterinary team is happy to offer the most advanced vet care services for your beloved exotic pets in a safe and friendly environment. With years of combined experience and a special one-on-one approach to patient care, every visit to TLC for Pets is designed to leave your pets feeling happy and healthy.

While we are happy to treat a wide range of exotic pets at our animal hospital, we do not offer vet care services for wild animals. Even though we are not a licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility, we will do our best to put you in touch with licensed rehabilitation options in the area whenever possible.

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Why We Love Your Exotic Animals

Exotic pet ownership in America is on the rise and that means that these special animals are in need of comprehensive and affordable vet care. We understand that owning an exotic pet comes with a learning curve for pet owners and their families. Whether you have a bird, rabbit, snake, ferret or any of the many other species of exotic pets available within the Reisterstown area, we are excited and happy to provide the highest quality veterinarian care for your pets.

The Importance of Owner Education

To make sure you and your exotic pets are living a happy and healthy life together, it is our mission to provide the best in education for you and your family. We are happy to offer advice about the special needs of your pets, including behavioral training options and information on proper environmental heating requirements for healthy reptile habitats.

Veterinarian Services for Exotic Pets

We want to ensure that your pets are living life to the fullest and are proud to offer a variety of veterinary services including:

Preventative Wellness Care

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your pets live a long and healthy life is to keep up with routine wellness exams annually. However, depending on the type of pet you own and their age, more frequent wellness exams may be necessary to catch chronic health conditions early on.


While we always strive to care for your animal’s medical conditions without more invasive treatment methods, in certain cases, surgery may be required. We offer soft tissue, orthopedic and even microsurgery options for our patients who are very small.

Pet Boarding

We provide pet boarding please call us for more information (410) 833-1717.

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