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Exotic Animal Medicine

Owning an exotic pet is exciting, but it can also be difficult. These pets need regular checkups, vaccinations, and veterinary care to avoid problems and sickness. In fact, because they are exotic, many pets need to be in specific environments with specific conditions. If they are not, they are far more prone to getting sick than a normal pet. Luckily, at TLC for Pets, serving Reisterstown and Owing Mills, MD, our veterinarian can care for you exotic animal. We offer services for snakes, ferrets, rabbits, birds, and more.


Caring for Your Exotic Animal

Breeding, diet, and environment stability tend to be the most common factors of sickness in exotic pets. Certain exotic pets need very different environments from what they currently have. You may need to recreate a better environment for your pet so it can stay healthy. Since every exotic animal is different, you can talk to our vet to find out what environment your specific pet can thrive in.

Today, many people buy an exotic animal because they are different, unique, and great to watch. However, once something is wrong with its health, many pet owners do not know how to care for these pets. Many veterinarians do not care for exotic pets either. However, our team specializes in exotic pet health care. Instead of treating your pet like we would a cat or dog, we can find specialized treatment methods and health care plans for your unique pet.

Exotic Pet Medicine

Our veterinarian will care for your exotic pet by starting with a full physical exam of the animal prior to any other treatment. This is a recording of all the details of a given patient. It includes blood tests and diagnostics to track and determine baseline measurements for the pet. If any vaccinations are needed for your pet, we can administer them. We also offer minor grooming services for things like overgrown nails and claws.

Exotic species are very different in how they exhibit sickness or health problems. Our vet is trained to look for these signs in your exotic pet. Our team of experts can also give you advice on how to care for your pet. Your exotic pet may have special nutrition, environmental, or behavioral training needs. We also offer soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, and even microsurgery for smaller pets.

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If you want your exotic pet to get all the specialized care that it needs, we can help. At TLC for Pets, serving Reisterstown and Owing Mills, MD, our team is trained to care for exotic animals. We offer preventative care, medicine, surgery, nutritional advice, and more. We know that your unique pet requires different care than traditional pets. Our team is here to help you and show you how to best care for your exotic pet. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call us today.