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Feline Leukemia Symptoms & Treatment

Feline Leukemia Treatment From Our Reisterstown Veterinarian

At TLC for Pets Veterinary Hospital, our Reisterstown veterinarian offers a wide range of services to help improve your pet's health, wellness, and overall quality of life. Unfortunately, one disease that we diagnose and treat often in our office is that of feline leukemia. This disease can affect cats of all ages and breeds, so being aware of its causes, symptoms, and treatments is important for cat owners.

feline leukemia treatment from our Resiterstown veterinarian

What You Need to Know About Feline Leukemia

Cat leukemia is a contagious disease and is always transmitted from one cat to the next. This can happen when kittens in the same litter come into contact with each other, or it can even be passed through a mother cat's milk. Cats that live outdoors and especially male cats are most susceptible to leukemia, but it can occur in cats of all ages.

There are three different types of leukemia in cats, and cats are generally affected by one type; in some cases, however, cats may be affected by all three at once.

The symptoms of feline leukemia can vary depending on the type, but there are some symptoms that are generally present regardless. These include:

  • lethargy
  • enlarged lymph nodes
  • poor coat condition
  • unexplained weight loss
  • inflammation of eye and mouth tissues
  • wobbly movement

Any cat who is experiencing some or all of these symptoms should be evaluated by a veterinary professional. Diagnosis of feline leukemia is done through a series of blood work and, in some cases, a urine analysis or bone marrow analysis.

If your cat is diagnosed with any type of feline leukemia, the good news is that there are treatment options available. We generally begin by prescribing a medication for treating the symptoms so that your cat can find relief and improve his or her quality of life. From there, we may also recommend annual vaccinations for a number of respiratory and other viruses that can occur as a result of the disease. Ongoing blood work and routine monitoring will be required to ensure that your cat isn't developing any infections or other complications that need to be addressed.

Furthermore, feeding your cat the right diet will also help your cat lead the healthiest possible life with leukemia.

When to Schedule an Appointment with our Reisterstown Veterinarian

If your cat is showing any signs of leukemia, it's important that you have him or her evaluated further as soon as possible at our animal hospital. You can schedule an appointment with our Reisterstown veterinary team by calling TLC for Pets Veterinary Hospital at (410) 833-1717. We look forward to providing the best care for your pet.