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Animal Dermatology at TLC for Pets in Reisterstown

TLC for Pets is your best friend's best friend for all health and wellness concerns, including a wide range of skin problems. Here are some of the conditions our Reisterstown veterinary team can treat.


  • Allergies - Many different allergens can cause the red, swollen, itchy skin reaction known as allergic dermatitis. In addition to environmental substances such as pollen, mold, poison ivy and airborne pollutants, your pet may face an additional threat of food allergies, which can often manifest themselves in the form of skin problems.
  • Parasites - Fungi and other parasitic beings can infest an animal's skin. One common infestation known as ringworm is not a "worm" but a fungal infection that causes hair loss, itchiness and raised, oozing lesions. Your pet may create additional breaks in the skin by licking and scratching at the afflicted area, making secondary bacterial infection a real possibility.
  • Pest infestations - Fleas, ticks and mites are enemies of your pet's health in many ways. Not only do fleas and ticks transmit deadly diseases through their bite, but the bite itself can trigger an allergic skin reaction. Even pets who are not allergic may scratch, bite or chew the afflicted area. Mites are known to cause uncomfortable skin diseases such as scabies and sarcoptic mange.
  • Skin cancer - Skin cancer is actually a fairly common problem for dogs and cats. A tumor may feel like a bump or lump just under the skin. Areas of the skin sparsely covered by hair may be more vulnerable to sun-induced melanomas. Fortunately, most skin tumors turn out to be benign -- but it's critical to catch those few that might be malignant.

Skin Diagnosis and Treatment from Our Reisterstown Veterinary Team

If you're concerned about your pet's skin, bring him to our Reisterstown veterinary team for evaluation. We can determine the exact nature and origin of any symptoms, including allergy testing to see if your pet is reacting to a specific dietary or environmental trigger.

Every pet should have protection against disease-carrying pests, whether they also cause skin irritation or not. We can remove irritating pests and put your pet on preventative medications to keep them away. If your pet is prone to allergic dermatitis, we may recommend an oral preventative instead of a flea and tick collar (which can sometimes trigger this condition). We can also administer medications to kill worms and topical treatments to relieve fungal infections.

If you suspect skin cancer in your pet, don't panic. Our veterinary hospital typically removes tumors for biopsy. If the biopsy indicates a malignancy, we can then run additional tests and recommend any other necessary treatments such as radiation or follow-up surgery.

Schedule an Exam at Our Animal Hospital

Annual wellness exams at our Reisterstown animal hospital are one of the smartest ways to ensure that any skin problems in your pet are diagnosed and dealt with in their early stages. Call (410) 833-1717 today for an appointment!