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Pet Ophthalmology

Pet Ophthalmology In Reisterstown

pet ophthalmology

Here at TLC for Pets Veterinary Hospital, we provide a high level of professional care for all parts of your pet -- including his eyes. Eye diseases and vision problems can make it harder for your pet to get around, understand your commands and avoid danger; they may even point toward other systemic illnesses such as diabetes. But even if your dog or cat can't exactly tell us his reactions to an eye chart, our experienced Reisterstown veterinarian, Dr. Lucas, can determine whether he has an eye condition requiring first aid, lifestyle adjustments or even corrective surgery.

Eye Problems That Can Afflict Your Dog or Cat

Pets are susceptible to many of the same eye and vision problems that afflict humans, including cataracts, glaucoma, corneal injuries and retinal diseases. Cataracts are a fairly common affliction in senior pets, but they can also occur quite suddenly as a result of diabetes; this type of cataract can cause other eye disorders and requires immediate care. Glaucoma in pets causes pain and can actually make the eyeball swell up. Corneal ulceration and scarring may be caused by infections, foreign objects, chronically dry eyes or an inward-turned eyelid (entropion).

Pets's eyes are also vulnerable to some unique challenges. One example is the possibility of your Pug's eye actually popping out its socket (proptosis), a condition that obviously requires immediate veterinary attention. Cherry eye is a more common ailment that occurs when an animal's third eyelid prolapses and become inflamed. Some breeds can also experience a clouding of the cornea known as corneal dystrophy, while an inherited problem called progressive retinal atrophy can cause the retinas to fail, producing blindness.

What to Expect During Our Pet Eye Exams

Many pet eye problems can be detected during an eye exam by our Reisterstown veterinarian -- and the earlier they are detected, the more treatment options we may have. We will administer a variety of evaluations, including:

  • External inspection of the eyes and eyelids for tumors, entropion, cherry eye  and infections
  • Examination of the front of the eye for signs of corneal ulcerations, injuries or cataracts
  • Stain testing to reveal corneal scratches not visible to the naked eye
  • Eye pressure testing to check for glaucoma
  • Ability to track and follow moving objects visually
  • Light reflex testing to check the responses of the retinas and pupils
  • Tear film evaluation to determine whether your pet suffers from dry eye

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