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Mast Cell Tumor (Mastocytoma) in Cats

Treatment for Cat Mast Cell Tumors in Reisterstown

Here at TLC for Pets we care for every aspect of a pet’s health, from routine check-ups and dental care, to orthopedic surgeries.  If you’re looking for veterinary treatment in the Reisterstown area, look no further. One of the more peculiar afflictions we treat is mast cell tumors, which typically appear in cats.  Read on to learn more about this disease and whether or not they are a cause for worry.

Treatment for Cat Mast Cell Tumors in Reisterstown

What Is a Mast Cell Tumor (Mastocytoma)?

Mast cell tumors are growths created from overactive immune systems.  Mast cells are one aspect of an animal’s immune system, and a mastocytoma is a congregation of mast cells. A mastocytoma may form either on your cat’s skin or his internal organs.  The vast majority of mast cell tumors on a cat’s skin are benign, noncancerous, and cause little more than discomfort. However unsightly they may be, regulating in size and shape, external benign tumors pose little to no immediate threat to a pet’s life.   

If these same tumors form on your pet’s internal organs, he may experience lethargy, weight loss, vomiting, and adopt an overall ill demeanor.  If the tumors appear only on his skin, they appear as raised, often hairless, bumps. 

How Are Mast Cell Tumors Treated?

Regardless of whether your cat’s tumors are internal or external, the first step of any treatment is an accurate diagnosis.  Biopsies of the affected areas will be taken and tested in order to not only accurately diagnose apparent tumors as mast cell tumors, but also to rule out the possibility of cancer. 

In the event that your cat’s tumors are benign mast cell tumors, the only real treatment is surgical removal of the mass.  Typically external tumors can be removed by a veterinarian without too much trouble, but any internal surgeries are significantly more complicated.  In the event that your cat’s tumors aren’t benign or mast cell tumors, your veterinarian will discuss available treatment options for pet care. 

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Our veterinarians and veterinary staff at TLC for Pets provide care for the entire pet animal population, and we believe that spreading information about pet illnesses is one aspect of that care.  No pet should have to suffer unduly, and that is why it’s important to work with experienced hands in the veterinary field.  Give us a call today at (410) 833-1717 to set up an appointment.