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Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming in Reisterstown

Taking care of your furry friends is a top priority. This is why you want to have your pet groomed regularly. There are many health benefits that your pet can reap from getting groomed and our animal hospital is here to provide them to you! TLC for Pets in Reisterstown, MD is your veterinary clinic of choice that will provide professional veterinary services for your pet. Let's take a closer look at some of the aspects of pet grooming and why you should have it done. 


What is Pet Grooming?

Normally, people think of pet grooming as simply making your furry friend look its best! While this is most certainly a byproduct of pet grooming, there is more to it than what is on the surface. Pet grooming can keep your pet healthy by providing it with trimmed nails, dental services, and other cleaning services such as:

  • Cleaning your pet's ears and checking for mites
  • Cleaning your pet's fur and checking for any kind of parasites such as fleas and ticks
  • Long-term care techniques that will help you keep your pet clean and healthy long after your appointment is done

The Signs That Your Pet Needs Grooming

Here are some of the telltale signs that your pet needs grooming. These apply to both cats and dogs:

  • You notice that your pet has a flea and tick infestation even after you have provided in-home treatment
  • Your cat or dog has incredibly smelly breath and a buildup of excess tartar on the teeth
  • Your pet's nails need to be trimmed and the nails are causing serious damage to your furniture
  • The fur is matted which means that it can trap dirt, debris, bacteria, and more

Our Pet Grooming Program

Our local veterinarian provides your pet with professional grooming services here at our veterinary clinic. We will inspect your cat or dog and take the best course of action to ensure that they are properly groomed. We utilize safe tools that are designed to trim, brush, and clean your pet to ensure that they are optimally clean. All you need to do is drop off your pet with us for a few hours and come back to see them transformed with a clean-coat.

Our Reisterstown Animal Hospital

Have you noticed that your pet has matted fur? Is that excess gunk in their ears that they are trying to claw at? Bring your furry family member to us at TLC for Pets in Reisterstown, MD for a professional pet grooming session. We will provide your pet with the TLC that they deserve! Give us a call today at (410) 833-1717 to set up your appointment.