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Pain Management

Pet Pain Management in Reisterstown

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When pets go through a medical treatment like surgery or show signs of discomfort and pain at home, you want to ensure that they have appropriate pain management solutions. At TLC for Pets in Reisterstown, we offer veterinary services that address potential complications associated with pain and discomfort in an animal.

Common Problems that Cause Pain in Pets

A dog or cat in your home faces different situations that lead to discomfort and pain. The common causes of pain for your pets depend on the situation and their age group. 

Situations that lead to pain and discomfort include:

  • Arthritis or age-related discomfort in older pets
  • Pain from a surgical procedure
  • Infections
  • Injuries from an accident or emergency
  • Certain sicknesses like cancer

A veterinarian in our clinic provides appropriate care based on the underlying cause of the pain. Recognizing when a pet has discomfort also contributes to the treatment process.

Signs of Pain in a Pet

The signs of pain in a pet depend on the species and the animal. Specific signs of a problem usually relate to the way a dog or cat behaves and interacts with his or her owners. 

Symptoms of pain that impact your dog or cat include:

  • Limping or limited mobility
  • Making sounds, like meowing in cats or whining in dogs
  • Biting, chewing or scratching the area in a persistent way
  • Bleeding or other signs of injuries
  • Swelling
  • Odd behaviors that differ from the norm for the specific animal

When you notice any odd behaviors or actions from your pets, TLC for Pets offers appropriate solutions to manage the pain and identify the underlying cause. We provide treatments based on the needs of your pet, even if the discomfort stems from aging or other natural discomforts.

Solutions for Pain Management with Our Reisterstown Veterinarian

The solutions we offer for pets in Reisterstown depend on the underlying cause of the pain. Generally, a pain management plan focuses on finding the reason for the pain and treating the problem. We also recommend appropriate medications to alleviate pain throughout the treatment process. 

Natural pain management solutions, like supplementation when pets have specific deficiencies in their diet or exercise programs that help reduce general aches and pains, depend on the needs of the animal. Generally, we make recommendations for exercise, dietary changes and supplementation when the discomfort stems from natural aging processes or a sedentary lifestyle. We also recommend alternative solutions when appropriate based on the specific situation and the needs of your pets.

Pets are important members of any family and they need appropriate care based on their health and situation. Whether you want to help your pets after an accident or you want to reduce discomfort associated with aging, we offer treatment solutions that address the situation and reduce the pain. We provide treatments based on the needs of your pets and evaluate the situation before making any suggestions. To learn more about our treatment plans or the ways we manage pain in pets, contact us today at (410) 833-1717.