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  • Tips for new puppy parents
    Tips for New Puppy Parents Puppies bring joy to people’s lives, but they also need a lot of care. As your new puppy grows, it’s important to make sure they are Read more
  • Tips for new kitten parents
    Tips for New Kitten Parents Bringing a new kitten into your home provides you with plenty of companionship. Being a new kitten parent also comes with a lot of responsibilities. From Read more
  • Nutrition for your pet
    Nutrition for Your Pet Your pet's diet is a vital part of their overall health. At TLC for Pets, we help families in Reisterstown take care of their pets, providing health Read more
  • Road trips with your pet
    Road Trips with Your Pet Road trips with your pet can be a fun and rewarding experience. These trips also require planning and preparation to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey Read more
  • Digestive Issues for Cats and Dogs
    Common Digestive Issues for Cats and Dogs  As with humans, pets can suffer from a variety of digestive issues. If your pet is vomiting repeatedly or suffering from chronic diarrhea, it’s Read more
  • Fireworks and Pets
    Fireworks, Pets, Pet Care Advice from Our Veterinary Team Fireworks can scare pets and make them really uncomfortable. It can cause them to panic, cry, or hide. Fireworks can even be Read more
  • Working Remotely with Pets
    Working Remotely with Pets Working from home can be convenient, however, it can be challenging if you have pets that get excited when you are home and want all of your Read more
  • How Safe is Pet Anesthesia
    Whether your pet is going in for a routine procedure or an emergency, you might be a bit nervous about your furry friend getting anesthesia. You’ve heard that it’s safe, Read more
  • Questions to Ask Before Pet Surgery
    As a dog owner, you should always ensure you walk with your dog through every stage of treatment to give your furry friend the best care possible. Gather all the Read more
  • The Importance of Vaccinating Your Pets
    If you are like most pet owners, you consider your furry friend to be a family member. You go to great lengths to ensure he is happy and healthy, including Read more
  • Parvo
    One of the most common diseases in dogs is canine parvovirus or parvo. The reason why it is so common is that it is incredibly contagious. Fortunately, there are vaccines Read more
  • Which Vaccines Are Right for Your Puppy?
    When you get a puppy, you have to make sure that you get each vaccination that puppies need. There are several that are very important for puppies to get to Read more
  • Caring for Your Senior Pet
    If you live in or around the Reisterstown or Owings Mills area, our veterinarians at TLC for Pets are here to provide a happy and healthy life for your furry Read more
  • Importance of Spay and Neuter Procedures
    When you bring a pet home, it is your responsibility to maintain its health and well-being. For example, you need to set time for regular exercise and general care, like Read more
  • Importance of Microchipping Your Pet
    At TLC for Pets, serving Owings Mills and Reisterstown, MD, we provide a variety of veterinary services, including pet microchipping. Microchipping is an important part of caring for your pet. Read more
  • Importance of Grooming Your Pet
    Humans go to the salon to get a haircut to look and feel better or sometimes to start a new chapter in their lives. Unfortunately, some pet owners do not Read more