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Dental Care for Cats

No one wants their favorite feline to suffer, but the reality is that many cats do. By just a couple of years old, most cats have already developed dental issues like gingivitis. Although pet parents might not notice it, this causes a great deal of pain, suffering, digestive health issues, and other potential health issues for their cat. Learn how to prevent such issues and treat them once they are present in this guide from our team at TLC for Pets in Reisterstown. 

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How to Prevent Dental Diseases in Cats

When you visit your dentist, they remind you to brush your teeth and floss. This is to prevent cavities and other unwanted dental issues.


The truth is, it's no different for your cat. The first step in preventing issues is good oral health, which includes brushing their teeth. If you are having a difficult time doing this—and if your cat is resisting—talk to your vet. There are dental hygiene products available aside from a toothbrush.

Additionally, feeding your cat a healthy diet is important. Not only is it good for their digestive health, but it is crucial for oral health as well.


It's also essential that you take your cat for regular vet visits and cleanings. This will ensure that your furry friend receives proper dental care and allow your vet to keep an eye out for any dental issues.


Treating Dental Problems in Cats

It's important to watch for any signs of possible dental problems with your cat so that you can seek care as soon as possible. This includes bad breath, pawing at their mouth, odd chewing behaviors, swollen gums, drooling, and even a disinterest in eating.


After taking x-rays and conducting an exam, your veterinarian will determine the best course of action. Medication may be prescribed to address any infections and help reduce pain.

When necessary, a cat tooth extraction or root canal can be performed to eliminate the issues. In such cases, your cat will be given anesthesia and will likely have to stay overnight.


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At TLC for Pets, we believe that preventative care is always best and want to help you provide the best care possible for your cat. And should your fur baby require treatment, we are committed to ensuring the safest and most effective methods for their needs. Give us a call at (410) 833-1717 to schedule an appointment today.