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Few things are more terrifying than having a lost pet.  Although many owners will have an identification tag on their pet's collar, it is completely possible for an animal to slip his or her collar, or have the collar break.  Having a permanent microchip imbedded in your pet is a safe and secure way to help reunite a lost pet with his home.  Microchipping is quick, painless, and can be completed by a professional veterinarian team like those located at TLC For Pets Animal Hospital.  Below, let's take a closer look at microchipping and how it works.  


What Is a Microchip?

A microchip is a tiny electronic device that acts as a unique identification tag.  The chip itself is about as big as a grain of rice, and it is inserted just underneath your pet's skin.  The chip is usually inserted on your pet's back, between your pet's shoulder blades.  While an identification tag has the potential to fall off a collar, a microchip will remain with your pet for the life of the animal.  A microchip does not cause any side effects and is unique to your pet only.

How Does it Work?

The microchip has a unique serial number that is matched to your information.  If a lost pet is found, the pet can be scanned for the microchip.  Many veterinary practices, shelters, and police stations have a scanner to help locate and return lost pets.  The chip number is matched to a database that stores owner contact information.  If the chip is scanned and identified, the owner is contacted.  It is important to remember that the microchip does not act like a GPS and it will not locate your lost animal's position.

How Can a Veterinarian Help?

If you have recently adopted a new pet, a veterinarian can help insert a microchip.  Although it may seem like a painful procedure, the pet only feels a small pinch from the needle being inserted into the skin.  Following the microchip insertion, a veterinarian can help you register your contact information and send the information to the larger database.  This will help ensure your proper information is on file should your pet get lost.

At TLC For Pets Animal Hospital we care about your pet's well-being.  We want your pet to live a long and healthy life, constantly at your side.  Unfortunately, sometimes our pets run off or get lost, and our ultimate goal is a fast reunification.  Microchipping your pet is the easiest way to ensure your found pet is quickly returned.   Based out of Reisterstown, our veterinary team is dedicated to caring for animals and educating the owners. To learn more about our microchipping services, or to schedule a wellness exam, feel free to contact us at 410-833-1717.  Our team is caring and professional, and dedicated to animal care.