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Pet Microchipping from Your Reisterstown and Owings Mills Veterinarian

The possible loss of a beloved pet that escapes or that is the victim of theft troubles many owners.  Learning more about microchipping as an effective way to protect pets as young as puppies or kittens helps relieve this worry.  Our veterinarian can insert a microchip in a matter of minutes at our TLC for Pets practice in Reisterstown, MD, next to Owings Mills.


Benefits of Microchipping

Approximately 8 million dogs and cats enter animal shelters each year.  Eighty percent of dogs never return home.  Only 2 percent of cats reunite with their owners, according to our veterinarian.

The greatest protection for a pet is a combination of microchipping and a breakaway collar.  Unlike a collar, which can come off, a microchip permanently resides under the pet’s skin.

It takes just a few minutes to implant a chip, which is very easy to insert and harmless to a pet.  The only discomfort involved is a small pinch when our doctor inserts a needle.  We can perform microchipping at an appointment scheduled solely for that purpose or add the procedure to another visit.

Each owner of a microchipped pet receives a form on which to enter contact information and return to the manufacturer for entry into a database.  During a pet’s regular exam, we will check the chip to make sure it is working as it should.  All the owner needs to do is keep contact information current with the manufacturer.

How Microchips Work

A variety of manufacturers make microchips.  A chip is a tiny transponder roughly the size of a grain of rice and lasts at least as long as a dog's or cat’s lifetime.  Each microchip bears a unique number assigned by the manufacturer.

Our veterinarian performs microchipping by inserting the chip under the pet’s skin, most often between the shoulder blades.  Every microchip manufacturer maintains a database with the respective chip number linked to owner information. 

When a cat or a dog reaches a veterinary practice, animal control officer, shelter, or police department, the staff scans it to detect a chip.  Finding an active microchip makes it possible to help the pet get back home after locating contact information for the owner.

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