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Dental Care

Pets might need veterinarian care over their lifetimes to ensure they stay healthy and prevent problems from developing conditions. One particular area pet owners should be aware of is dental care. Just like their owners, pets might need regular dental check-ups and dental care. You can count on us at TLC for Pets in Reisterstown, MD, to help. 

pet dental care

Dental Care at Our Veterinarian Clinic

Regular dental care can help prevent degenerative dental issues, disease, and dangerous conditions such as abscesses. Our veterinarians and clinic technicians can also provide pet owners with regular cleanings, check-ups, and services to address more severe conditions.

We can not only provide valuable dental services but we can also assist with regular maintenance, such as teeth brushing. We can help owners understand how to better care for their pet's teeth and provide advice on which products to use. Tips and tricks can help make the process easier and better allow you to care for your pet's dental health.

Dental Conditions

Your pet may experience dental issues and conditions periodically. If you notice any unusual instances related to your pet's teeth, mouth, or eating habits, make an appointment with our veterinary team. Some conditions to watch for include the following:

    • Pain in or around the mouth
    • Refusal to eat
    • Broken or loose teeth
    • Bad breath
    • Tartar and discoloration
    • Abnormal chewing
    • Bleeding

It may be impossible to tell if these signs and symptoms are related to something serious without consulting with a veterinarian. We can quickly assess the pet's issues to find out what is wrong so he can get treatment.

Get Pet Dental Care from a Veterinarian on Our Veterinary Team

If you would like to learn more about the dental products and services we offer to the residents of Reisterstown, MD, contact us today at TLC for Pets. We can provide you with answers to questions or schedule an appointment for your pet. Don't take chances with your pet's health. Give them a better quality of life by scheduling regular dental care. Call us at (410) 833-1717 for vet care from a “veterinarian near me.”