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Fireworks and Pets

Fireworks, Pets, Pet Care Advice from Our Veterinary Team

Fireworks can scare pets and make them really uncomfortable. It can cause them to panic, cry, or hide. Fireworks can even be dangerous to pets. Pets, especially younger ones, should generally not be left unattended around fire hazards, and that includes fireworks. A pet may understand that an open fire can hurt him but might not understand the danger of fireworks. When the holidays are coming up, consider how you will ensure pet safety for your pets and holiday pet care should include protection from fireworks. If you need help preparing your pet, you can call our Reisterstown, MD, office to see a veterinarian on our veterinary team. We at TLC for Pets are here to help.

Sparks and Cinders

When you shoot off fireworks, there may be pieces that can burn your pet. Keeping your pet inside the can keep him safe. But if you have a pet outside, even far from where the fireworks are being launched, tiny pieces can fall unpredictably. Pets can investigate these and might get burned. Part of pet safety is to also keep them from eating the remains after the show.

Pet Care at Home

When you know fireworks are coming for the holidays, it's time to think about what may help your pet to get through that time. Many pets are scared to death of fireworks and the sounds they make. They may be really upset when the time comes. Talk to a veterinarian on our veterinary team about what your pet may need and we can give you advice concerning your situation. One way to help keep your pet calm is spend extra time with them to soothe them.

See a Veterinarian on Our Veterinary Team for Pet Care and Pet Safety during the Holidays

For pet care from a vet in Reisterstown, MD, give us a call at (410) 833-1717. We at TLC for Pets are here to help.