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Veterinary Care for Dogs and Cats

Veterinary Care for Dogs and Cats

TLC for Pets Veterinary Hospital offers veterinary care for dogs and cats. Our veterinarians, Dr. Mitchell Lucas and Dr. Joy Goode, are dedicated to providing high-quality routine and emergency services to every pet that enters through our doors.

Routine Veterinary Care in Reisterstown

Our routine veterinary care in Reisterstown goes beyond vaccinations and micro-chipping. Our veterinarians offer wellness examinations for puppies, kittens, adults and senior pets, which can greatly improve your pet's health by catching and treating illnesses and diseases early. We also offer preventative medications for fleas and ticks.

Another of our routine services is pet dental care. Most pets have advanced gum disease by the time they are three years old. Getting your pet's teeth cleaned once a year as well as taking preventative measures at home can help prevent tooth decay, periodontal disease and dangerous oral infections.

Routine and Emergency Surgeries in MD

Our veterinary surgeons in MD perform routine surgeries, including spays and neuters. They can clean and close deep wounds. They can remove foreign objects. Our veterinary surgeons can remove tumors and masses, and they can perform various orthopedic surgeries.

Grooming and Boarding for Dogs and Cats

In addition to veterinary services for dogs and cats, we also offer grooming and boarding. Our grooming services include baths, hair-cuts, combing and nail trims. If you need to board your pet for a few days over the weekend or while you go on vacation or an extended business trip, you can rest assured that your pet will be safe and loved in our boarding area. We can also coordinate medical procedures, wellness care examinations and grooming services along with your pet's boarding stay.

To schedule an appointment for veterinary care, boarding or grooming for your dog or cat, call our Reisterstown, MD animal hospital here!

How often do you take your pets to our veterinarian in MD? What kind of services do they require regularly?