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5 Things Every Cat Owner Should Know

5 Things Every Cat Owner Should Know

Congratulations, you're the proud new owner of a kitten or cat. If you want your cat to live a long and healthy life, there are five things you'll need to know about your new pet. Whether you're a fledgling cat owner or someone who's had feline companions their whole life, learn some facts from our Reisterstown veterinarian to ensure you know about these core issues.

How to Keep a Cat Happy and Healthy in Reisterstown

  • Create the right environment for a healthy lifestyle. Give your cat separate areas for eating and drinking, toileting, playing, scratching, and sleeping. Include ways for your cat to play and engage in predatory behavior. Even a simple feather on a string can be great fun for your pet.

  • cat owners in ReisterstownLearn how to properly care for your cat and keep it safe. Read about litter styles and toilet training. Find out the differences between wet and dry food. Look into giving your cat a running water source, and find out why this is important.

  • Find out what your cat's behaviors mean. For many people, cats are foreign entities. Unlike dogs, which usually show their heart on their sleeve, cats can be mysterious. Read books and study your own pet to find out what an upright tail, fluffing coat, and sinking down while being watchful might mean.

  • Research feline diseases, common health conditions, and what to do in case of a pet health emergency. What foods and substances are poisonous for your cat? What behaviors tell you that it's sick or hurt? It's important that you know these before adopting a cat into your family.

  • Most importantly, learn the value of regular veterinarian checkups. Pet wellness exams keep your pet healthy, but they can also diagnose serious problems early enough to deal with them. From dental problems to vaccinations, a wellness check is crucial throughout your cat's life.

What do you do to make your cat feel at home?