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Holiday Fun and Safety with Your Pet

Holiday Fun and Safety with Your Pet

A pet photo with Santa may seem like fun to you, but sitting on a stranger's lap or shoulder may not be what your bunny, cat, dog, ferret or rodent wants to do. Consider holiday fun in Reisterstown from your pet's viewpoint.

At this time of year, the best gift you can give your pet is loving attention. "With" is an important word in this article's headline. Your pet wants your attention; s/he wants to be with you.

Making Time for Your Pet

puppies playing during the hoildaysFor furry family members, no amount of squeaky toys can equal the pleasure of ear scratches, tummy rubs and gentle body massage. Daily walks and play are also top gifts pets appreciate.

Play fetch with your dog, take an on-leash winter hike at Oregon Ridge Park or make time for a trip to the BARC (Baltimore Area Animal Recreation Center) Park at Hannah More Park for off-leash play with other dogs.

If you have a hamster, mouse or ferret, create a small box maze leading to toys and tiny treats.

Rustle a sturdy paper bag to attract your cat. When s/he climbs inside, poke at the sides of the bag to encourage your cat to bat back.

Planning for Safety

"Safety" is another keyword in the title of this article. Remember that pets often will find their own dangerous fun amidst holiday wrappings, ornaments and bowls of candy. For example, place chocolates and other dangerous people goodies where pets can't reach them.

Avoid decorating with tinsel that cats love to swallow as well as edible Christmas tree decorations, such as popcorn strings. Tugging or batting at decorations can bring a tree tumbling down. Finally, don't forget to unplug holiday lights when you are gone just in case a pet might chew on the cords.

Seeking Veterinary Help

TLC for Pets Veterinary Hospital is open seven days a week. Please click here to find our daily hours and to contact us for an appointment or ask a question. We want you and your pet to have a fun, healthy holiday.