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5 Things Every Dog Owner Should Know

Tips from Our Reistertown Veterinarian: 5 Things Every Dog Owner Should Know

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Bringing a dog into your home and family impacts the way that you manage your lifestyle. Although a dog requires appropriate care and management, every pet owner must recognize certain facts about the animal to prevent health concerns and ensure that a pet stays healthy and happy.

Dogs Communicate Through Body Language

A pet does not communicate in the same way as humans. While your dogs will eventually recognize their name when called over time, they do not actually understand English or other spoken languages. They actually respond to the tone of your voice and your body language.

Dogs Need Veterinary Care

Do not overlook a pet's healthcare needs. When you visit TLC for Pets in Reisterstown, we provide the veterinary care that your dogs need for good health. During an exam, we check for potential health concerns. We also recommend appropriate medications and treatments based on the needs of your dogs and their specific health.

Chocolate is Not the Only Dangerous Human Food

Although most pet owners realize that chocolate is harmful to dogs, they do not always realize other human foods are also dangerous. Do not feed your dogs avocados, bread dough, raisons, grapes, garlic, onions or any food that is potentially dangerous. You also want to be careful to prevent a pet dog from drinking any alcoholic beverages. If you are concerned about any human foods, then talk to a veterinarian before allowing your pets to eat any foods from your plate.

Spaying and Neutering is Important for Pet Health

Spaying and neutering your dogs helps protect them from unintentional breeding and any dangers associated with new puppies. It is particularly important for female dogs if you do not want puppies or do not plan to breed. Consider spaying or neutering your dogs at an early age to limit potential risks to pet health.

Dog Food Instructions are a Starting Point

Never assume that the instructions meet your pet's specific needs. Talk to a vet if you have concerns about the amount of food your dogs need for good health and well-being based on their activity level.

Dogs bring companionship into your home, but they also require appropriate care. To learn more, contact us today. (410) 807-3164