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Pet Surgery at Reisterstown Veterinarian

Pet Surgery at Reisterstown Veterinarian

Surgery is every owner’s concern, but pet surgery is often necessary to keep pets healthy. Surgery at TLC for Pets Veterinary Hospital, your Reisterstown veterinarian, addresses your pet’s health issues in a compassionate environment with superior medical expertise.

Why Does My Pet Need Surgery?

The reasons for surgery range from what we think of as routine spaying and neutering to removal of cancerous tumors. All our surgical procedures address your pet’s specific need: there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all in any pet surgery we perform. It’s true that some surgeries are riskier than others, but rest assured that we treat each and every pet as one of our own. Determining whether your pet needs surgery is a decision we don’t take lightly and one we make together with you.

Types of Surgeries We Perform

Besides spaying and neutering, we perform many other procedures. If a pet is injured, such as by blunt force trauma, surgery may be necessary. Some female pets may need a C-section to help with the birth process. Pets may require orthopedic surgery; tumors and lumps are removed by soft tissue surgery and finally, dental surgery maintains a healthy mouth.

The Day of Surgery

Our first order of business on your pet’s surgery day is to welcome him or her into a warm, relaxed environment, something our entire staff is committed to doing. We use a safe anesthesia and monitor your pet every moment using our technology and equipment – the most modern available today. After surgery, your pet is moved to a calm, quiet area where we can keep a close eye on him as he recovers. For many procedures, pets can go home the same day.

After Surgery

Your pet will be sore after surgery, and depending on the procedure, need different levels of quiet and confinement. Before you take her home, talk with us about your concerns and ask us questions about how to care for her at home. We will give you detailed instructions as well. Mostly likely you will be sent home with medication and we will explain the possible side effects as well as how and when to administer it.

No matter how routine or complex the pet surgery, we understand how upsetting it can be to have your pet operated on, even by your expert Reisterstown veterinarian. Please contact us and discuss anything with us about your pet and your pet’s surgery. Also, for new clients, ask us about our New Client Special designed to help alleviate the costs associated with pet surgery.