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Importance of Pet Exams

Regular Pet Exams in Reisterstown

Pets, just like humans, benefit enormously from regular medical examinations. Pet owners in Reisterstown should schedule yearly visits for adult pets that are in good health. More frequent visits many be necessary for very young or aging animals.

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What Is Included in a Regular Pet Exam?

Yearly wellness examinations are the cornerstone of your pet's healthcare plan. The veterinarian will conduct a physical examination of the pet including listening to its circulatory system, recording its weight, and examining its teeth. The veterinarian will administer any necessary vaccines.  The veterinarian may also make recommendations for the pet's overall care including nutrition, weight control, exercise, and obedience training. If you desire, your pet can also be microchipped during this visit increasing the chances of a safe return should they wander away. A comprehensive exam should include an opportunity for you as the pet parent to ask questions and get advice on a variety of pet care issues. 

The Benefits of Regular Pet Exams

The greatest benefit of regular wellness exams is the opportunity to detect major wellness issues in their earliest stages. The earlier an issue is detected, the more likely it can be resolved with greater success and with less expense.

A regularly scheduled wellness exam gives the pet owner an opportunity to discuss any concerns they have regarding their pet's health or behavior with the veterinarian. Behavior issues such as inappropriate wetting, chewing, or anxiety can indicate an underlying medical issue. Be sure to discuss any pet behavior that is new or unwanted during the exam.

A yearly exam also provides an opportunity to ensure that all of your pet's wellness vaccinations and medications are up to date.  Routine, yearly medications such as heartworm and deworming are important components in your pet's overall wellness program. You can be sure that the veterinarian will administer any necessary booster shots to ensure that your pet is fully vaccinated against common life-threatening diseases. 

Is your pet behind on vaccinations?  Have your regular pet exams become irregularly scheduled in the past few years.  The veterinarians at TLC for Pets in Reisterstown, MD, can help you start again. Contact our office to schedule your pet's wellness exam at 410-807-3164.  We are happy to welcome previous patients back to our practice as well as new patients. Your pet is in good hands with our veterinarians.