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Hot Spots

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Here at TLC for Pets Veterinary Hospital, our team is dedicated to providing your pet with the highest level of care and treating every animal as if they were a member of our own family. We pride ourselves in offering a variety of veterinary services and serving the Reisterstown the hot and humid months of summer upon us, we are beginning to see more cases of hot spots in our office—particularly in dogs. That's why we'd like to take a minute to provide some tips on recognizing and preventing hot spots.

All About Hot Spots in Pets

Hot spots in pets refer to an area of skin that has become irritated by excessive grooming or scratching by your pet. Typically, this occurs when your pet experiences discomfort in the area of the skin and does the only thing he or she knows how to soothe it: licking, biting, or scratching! Of course, over time, this can cause further irritation and even cause "barbering" of the fur until there's nothing left but raw, irritated skin that's prone to infection.

Hot spots are especially common in the summer because hot, humid weather can irritate your pet's skin easily. Not to mention, pests like fleas and ticks are more common in the summer months, and bites from these pests can lead to hot spots

Preventing and Treating Hot Spots in Reisterstown

Fortunately, there are some steps all Reisterstown pet owners can take to protect their pets from hot spots. For starters, make sure your pet is on a flea and tick medication to prevent bites that can cause itching and skin irritation. Furthermore, take time to groom your pet regularly, especially if he or she has a long and thick coat. Matted fur is not only inviting for pests, but can cause discomfort to your pet as well and lead to itching and scratching.

Finally, be on the lookout for signs of hot spots. If your pet seems to be over-grooming a particular area of the body, it's time to see a vet. Often times, an antibiotic can be used to control itching and provide relief.

When to Contact TLC For Pets 

If your pet is showing any signs of hot spots, we encourage you to contact us at TLC For Pets Veterinary Hospital. Call us at (410) 833-1717 to schedule an appointment, and be sure to ask about our new client special!

Has your pet ever had hot spots?