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How Safe is Pet Anesthesia

Pet Anesthesia

Whether your pet is going in for a routine procedure or an emergency, you might be a bit nervous about your furry friend getting anesthesia. You’ve heard that it’s safe, but is it really? Is there anything you can do to increase the likelihood of a safe outcome? Our team at TLC for Pets in Reisterstown understands your concerns, so we have put together a guide to answer your questions.

Pet Anesthesia Is Generally Safe

Let’s begin with one simple fact: veterinarians across the country deal with pet anesthesia every day. Generally speaking, it’s quite safe. However, like anything else, there is always some risk involved. Veterinary Practice News reports that – according to statistics – the risk of death in dogs under pet anesthesia is 0.17 percent or less and the risk for cats is 0.24 percent or less.

Several Factors Can Impact Their Safety

Of course, these numbers are generalizations according to a large number of researched cases. To understand how safe anesthesia is for your pet, you have to look a little more deeply into what impacts their safety. The following are examples of pet characteristics or situations that might increase their risk:

  • Small pets, typically under 10 lbs
  • Pets 12 years old or older
  • Sick pets or those that require emergency procedures
  • Pets that need more complex procedures
  • Certain breeds, such as Bulldogs and pugs

Keep in mind that these are just some examples. It should be noted that more than 99 percent of pets that go under anesthesia survive.

You Can Increase Safety

In short, healthier pets tend to be safer with pet anesthesia, so regular visits to your veterinarian are key. Also, be sure to help your pet maintain a healthy weight and try to prevent any injuries. Communicate with your veterinarian about any medications your pet is taking, any reactions they’ve had to anesthesia in the past, and any symptoms you haven’t previously discussed. Your vet will let you know if there are any further steps to take.

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