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Importance of Microchipping Your Pet

At TLC for Pets, serving Owings Mills and Reisterstown, MD, we provide a variety of veterinary services, including pet microchipping. Microchipping is an important part of caring for your pet. Our team will guide you on the process and answer any questions you have.

Benefits of Microchipping

A microchip is an implantable device of about the size of a rice grain. It contains information about your pet's identification and includes your contact information. The microchip is implanted with a needle similar to those used for vaccinations. If your pet ever gets lost, the chip can be scanned at a veterinary office or shelter, and you will be contacted. There are many benefits of pet microchipping, including:

Peace of Mind

The thought of knowing that you can lose your pet can be distressing. However, with a microchip, you know the chances of getting your animal companion back are high. If you want worry-free pet ownership, try a microchip.

Proof of Ownership

A microchip is essential in case of theft. It proves that you are the pet’s owner. It is important to keep your contact information up to date on the microchip so you can retrieve your pet.

Reunites You with Your Pet

When you lose contact with your beloved companion, it may seem like forever before you see it again. However, with a microchip, you'll never worry about losing touch with your pet. If your pet ends up in an animal shelter, all the employees need to do is to scan your pet to find the rightful owner.


The cost of implanting a microchip varies depending on the size of your pet. However, the cost is negligible compared to the benefits you enjoy. A microchip is also cheaper than the veterinary treatments your pet may need if it wanders and gets lost.

Little Discomfort

Microchip insertion is primarily a painless procedure. It involves the placement of the microchip beneath your pet's skin without incision. Our vet uses a special needle to insert the chip directly into the muscle layer. Afterwards, you're free to get right back to enjoying life with your furry friend.

Visit Our Veterinarian in Reisterstown, MD for Pet Microchipping

Microchipping is a simple process that increases your chances of being reunited with a lost pet. At TLC for Pets, serving Owings Mills and Reisterstown, MD, our vet will answer your questions about the process. Call us today to schedule an appointment.