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Taking Care of Your New Kitten

Proper Kitten Care is Important for Your Feline’s Health

Getting a new kitten brings joy to any home. Kittens are incredibly cute, full of energy, and cuddly. Give your kitten the best start possible with proper kitten care. Our team at TLC for Pets Veterinary Hospital in Reisterstown will be happy to walk you through pet care for your kitten.

Bring Your Kitten Our Animal Hospital Right Away

It is a good idea to bring your new kitten to our animal hospital right away to meet one of our veterinarians. This visit is especially important if you do not have much information about your kitten. Be sure to bring along any information you do have, including prior vaccinations. Our veterinarians will perform an exam and make sure that your kitten is healthy. Our veterinary team will also draw up a vaccination schedule and give you advice on litter box training, nutrition, socialization, spaying or neutering, and kitten behavior.

Pet Care Tips for Kittens

  • Feed a proper diet according to age.
  • Reward good behaviors.
  • Give your kitten plenty of attention to help with socialization.
  • Get your kitten used to regular brushing and combing.
  • Provide appropriate scratching places and reward your kitten when using these instead of rugs or furniture.
  • Take your kitten for car rides and get it used to the carrier.
  • Introduce your kitten to other pets and other people.
  • Provide it items for exploration, such as boxes.
  • Introduce your kitten to pet toys.
  • Cats normally use the litter box by instinct, but do be sure that a litter box is available and cleaned often. It never hurts to place your kitten in the litter box after eating or playing to make sure it gets the hang of using the litter box.

Contact Our Reisterstown Veterinarians As Soon As Possible

As soon as you get a new kitten, make an appointment with us at TLC for Pets Veterinary Hospital in Reisterstown. We will give your kitten a thorough pet exam and walk you through proper kitten care instructions. Our number is 410-833-1717.