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Keeping Your Pets Well Groomed and Clean

Keeping Your Pets Well Groomed and Clean

Everyone loves a pet who is clean and tidy, but any pet owner knows that their fluffy friends love to get dirty as often as they can. While your pets’ coat is usually the most obvious thing in need of cleaning, it's important to remember that nails and teeth also need good hygiene care. There are several aspects of pet grooming that TLC for Pets Veterinary Hospital in Reisterstown can help animal owners to keep on top of.

Clipping Nails

Just about every dog owner has a story about their animals getting nervous when a person touches their paws or nails. Make sure that you can see the underside of your dogs' paws while trimming and check for the blood vessel in the nails. Never cut at the point of the vessel, as this can cause bleeding.

Brushing Hair

As one of the most common care recommendations by a veterinarian, hair brushing is crucial for long hair breeds, and can even benefit short hair breeds by eliminating dander. Brush before bathing, not after, and you may even find that you don't need to wash your pets as often if you brush thoroughly enough. To familiarize your dogs with the brushing process, pat them gently along their body until they're used to the contact.


Some dogs have a fondness for rolling in the mud and may need a bath on a frequent basis, while others are more aloof when it comes to getting dirty. In general, a bath once a month is enough to keep your pets clean and smelling pleasant. Choose a dog-specific and veterinarian-approved shampoo, not a human shampoo, to avoid allergic reactions.

Comprehensive Grooming Services at TLC for Pets Veterinary Hospital

Some people need a professional groomer’s help to keep their pets clean. If you want your pets to be clean and healthy and neatly groomed, TLC for Pets Veterinary Hospital in Reisterstown can help. Contact us today at 410-833-1717 to schedule an appointment.