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Holiday Fun with Your Pet

Why to Give Your Pet Top Veterinary Care This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a very fun and joyous time of the year for all people. At this time, it is important that you spend time with all members of your family to share the experience, including your beloved pet. To ensure that your animal has as amazing of a holiday season as possible, you should ensure that it receives quality care from our veterinarians at TLC for Pets in Reisterstown.

Addressing Illnesses and Treating Them

Taking your pet for a wellness visit at our animal hospital before the holidays enables us to identify possible illnesses and discomforts that your animal may be dealing with, such as diabetes, dermatology issues, and infections. Since animals cannot vocally communicate with us, it can be hard to tell if they are in pain. When you come to see us, our veterinarians will evaluate your animal and determine if it is ill. Based on our findings, we will address the problem and develop a plan that can help improve his or her condition.

Avoid Giving Leftovers to Your Pet

The holidays are a time when most people tend to feed pets leftover food. However, many types of food can make your furry friend ill such as chocolate. Tell guests to avoid feeding leftovers to your pet. Pets can enjoy other festivities that don’t need to result in a trip to an animal hospital. If your pet ingested a toxic food item, reach out to us for emergency pet care.

Contact Us for All of Your Veterinary Care Needs

Seeing a veterinarian is always a good idea and very beneficial for all animals. If you live in the Reisterstown area, contact TLC for Pets for ideas of enjoying the holiday season with your pet or for veterinary care. Your beloved pet will receive great attention from our team and will be properly cared for whenever he or she needs it. Reach out to us by calling 410-833-1717 to make an appointment.