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Caring for pets is a large part of your life with a pet and making sure you have a vet that can care for your specific pet can make a big difference in how healthy they are. With reptiles, finding a clinic or a vet that cares for them can be difficult, for those in the Reisterstown area, TLC for Pets is a great veterinary option.

What Special Care Do Reptiles Need?

Aside from things like a physical to make sure that all their parts are working properly, reptiles also have a host of illnesses and disorders that are specific to them that other animals do not have to deal with. They may have respiratory issues, they may have skin issues, they have to have their nails trimmed, their legs and tails need special attention, they have to have special nutrients and so much more. It is simply not a routine checkup as it might be with a cat or a dog.

It is important to note that your pet is special and that you do need to take the time to find a veterinarian that is going to be able to care for your reptile. Most animal hospitals are going to be able to take care of some reptiles to a certain extent but if you have rare or exotic reptiles you may need to find an exotics hospital.

Why Find a Specialist?

Though you may be able to get basic care at your normal vet, having a specialist on hand that knows what to do and how to care for your reptile can mean the difference between your reptile getting top notch care and a vet simply not knowing what is wrong. With a specialist you are going to get the special one on one attention that your pet needs.

Most veterinary offices have some sort of a specialist on staff that has a bit more experience with exotics than the other vets. If you feel comfortable with the specialist at your vet or with an office that is not specific to reptiles, you may be happy with your current care.