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Exotic Animal Care

Exotic Animal Care

Exotic animals are becoming more and more mainstream. Stretching more and more to the highly exotic (Hedgehog for a pet anyone?). What is considered an “exotic Animal” per se? An exotic animal is anything that’s not commonly thought of as keeping for a pet. It is pretty much anything that is not a cat, a dog, or a fish. This would include your birds, lizards, geckos, ferrets, spiders, chickens, ferrets, hamsters, to the super exotic foxes. A lot of veterinarian clinics and hospitals can’t handle such special creatures. Here at TLC for Pets, a Veterinary Hospital in Reisterstown, they step up with a staff equipped and ready.

Exotic Pet Need Care Too

They are crawly, scaly, flapping and slithery. These beloved creatures need pet care too, as well as education on how to care for them. For caring for exotic pets, specifications are the key.

Knowing How to Care for Your Exotic

Caring for your exotic pet can be challenging. It all depends on the exotic species of pets you have. While a lizard, for example, can be more straightforward to care for sometimes more than your traditional pet of cat or dog. Monumentally they are independent mostly. They will not wake you at 5 a.m. to go outside. Just your routine interaction with them should be fine. Many though forget the lizards require a significant environmental habitat and proper diet to thrive. These mark true for all your exotic species. That’s where finding the right veterinarian can help make it easier.

Call Us Today For Exotic Pet Care

Have an exotic pet? Looking for a good pet car for your snake? Pocket pet, mini pig? At TLC for Pets: Veterinary Hospital, we can provide the proper medicine for your particular pet. We provide wellness exams and preventive care to be one step ahead of any conditions your pet might be prone to. We provide surgery, microsurgery (for smaller pets) and pet boarding. Wondering if we could be the vet for you? Call or schedule an appointment to talk to us to find out how we care for your animal friend today.