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Is your House Pet Friendly

TLC for Pets - Your Reisterstown Veterinarian

Our caring and compassionate veterinary team believes in offering a full spectrum of animal care for your beloved pets. For more than 15 years, our dedicated veterinarians have become trusted caregivers to the Reisterstown community's pets, including cats, dogs, and exotic animals. Dr. Goode and Dr. Lucas provide a full range of services under urgent, emergency and ongoing needs.

Our concerned veterinarian team believes that veterinary care goes beyond treating existing conditions, illnesses, and injuries. We believe in and implementing preventive strategies to keep your animals as safe as possible.

Pet Care Includes Strong Safety Measures - Is Your House Pet-Friendly?

We know that everyone in our Reisterstown animal community loves your pets, but we also know that it is difficult to foresee all possible dangers lurking that could harm your pets.

Here are two key ideas to keep your house pet-friendly to avoid preventable accidents.

  • Place Sturdy Locks on Cabinet Doors and Keep Dangerous Items on High Shelves: Childproof your cabinets to keep curious dogs and cats from away from hazardous items, such as medications, cleaning agents, fertilizers, and any other chemicals that could pose a risk to their health. Another safety option is to place those items on high shelves.
  • Keep the Garbage Covered: Your beloved pets are curious creatures and are often looking for treats. Your garbage is chock-full of all sorts of wonders for animals, but you don't want them to have easy access since other dangerous items are often inside as well.

Count on Your Reisterstown Veterinarian Hospital Team to Keep Your Pets Healthy and Safe

Our team at TLC for Pets is here to help you create a safe environment for your animals in every way. Contact us to let us know if you need more ideas on keeping your house pet-friendly, or if you need to make an appointment for your dog, cat or another treasured family animal. You can call TLC for Pets at 410-833-1717 to schedule an appointment today!