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Puppy/Kitten Awareness

Puppy/Kitten Awareness

Getting a new puppy or kitten for your family can be an exciting time, but it’s important to understand that these pets require a lot of time and work to successfully fit into your home. At TLC for Pets animal hospital in Reisterstown, our veterinarian can help make the experience a positive one.

Preparing for the Arrival

Before you bring your puppy or kitten home, you need to make sure you have all the appropriate supplies. This includes a water and food bowl, high-quality food and snacks, and plenty of toys. For kittens, you’ll need to get cat litter and a litter box, and a puppy will need a collar and a leash so it can be walked and taken outside for house training. Both pets can benefit from a comfortable bed and blankets, and you might want to consider a crate for your puppy to make the house training process go smoother.

Schedule a Veterinary Visit

As soon as you get your new kitten or puppy, schedule a veterinary visit to ensure your pet is healthy and to get advice on pet care from your veterinarian. Kittens and puppies also require a series of vaccinations beginning at six weeks and every three to four weeks until they are four months old. This is important as your new pets transition from their mother’s antibodies to their own.

Performing a Safety Check at Home

Puppies and kittens can get into all sorts of danger inside your home, so it’s a good idea to perform a safety check for any new animal you bring inside. Inspect your floors and all areas of the home for any unsafe objects, like cords and poisonous plants that your pet can get to.

For more information on kitten and puppy care from TLC for Pets animal hospital in Reisterstown, contact us at (410) 822-1717 to schedule an appointment for an initial visit.