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Pet Allergy Awareness

Pet Allergy Awareness

Like people, pets are susceptible to environmental, seasonal, and food allergies. Allergic reactions often include sneezing, coughing, rashes, and other skin conditions. By recognizing allergy symptoms, you can take measures to alleviate your pet’s condition. At TLC for Pets animal hospital in Reisterstown, we can help diagnose allergic reactions in pets so your feline or canine can get relief.

Environmental Allergies

It’s not unusual for pets to be allergic to substances in their environment like dust, pollen, mold, etc. Airborne particles during spring and summer can lead to sinus and skin problems in your pet. Your pet may also be allergic to chemicals in household cleaners or grooming products. Using organic products as much as possible can reduce your pet’s risk of allergies.

Flea Bites

Some pets are allergic to flea saliva, causing their skin to break out into a rash or infection. If your pet is suffering from fleas or other pests, ask our Reisterstown veterinarian to recommend pest control treatment. The sooner you rid your pet of pests, the sooner he can find relief.

Food Allergies

Skin rash, hives, facial swelling, and vomiting/diarrhea are common symptoms of food allergies in pets. At TLC for Pets animal hospital, we’ll test your pet for food allergies to identify the foods that are causing irritating symptoms. Eliminating these foods from your pet’s diet should help eliminate food allergy symptoms. Working with a veterinary specialist is key to helping your pet overcome allergic reactions and recuperate his health and wellness.

Regular visits to our Reisterstown veterinarian can help keep your pets healthy and happy well into their senior years. We offer quality pet care services and products designed to alleviate allergic symptoms so your pets can enjoy a high quality of life. Through preventative care, we can even prevent allergic reactions from occurring to save your pets unnecessary pain and suffering from allergic attacks.

See Your Reisterstown Veterinary Specialist for Pet Allergy Treatment

If your pet is suffering from allergic reactions, contact TLC for Pets in Reisterstown at (410) 833-1717 for pet allergy treatment. We look forward to meeting all your pet care needs.