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Your Pet And Veterinary Dental Exams

Good oral hygiene for your pet begins with your pet getting a dental exam. At TLC for Pets Animal Hospital in Reisterstown, we provide yearly dental exams for your pet so that their dental health is taken care of. With preventative yearly exams, your pet is not going to have to deal with the pain associated with gum disease and dental cavities. Get your pet the treatment they need from a veterinarian to have optimal oral health.

How Pet Dental Exams Are Administered

Your veterinarian will talk to you about the benefits of sedation when it comes to dental care for your pet. If your pet is healthy enough for sedation, this will be used to take a careful look in your pet's mouth and provide any dental treatment that is necessary. When your pet has a loose or broken tooth, an oral infection, or problems with decay, our veterinarian will provide the treatment needed to improve your pet's oral health. Your pet will be monitored carefully throughout the procedure to make sure they are comfortable and stable.

What To Expect After Dental Treatment

After a dental exam, your pet may be a bit tired for a few hours. If they had extensive dental work, your veterinarian can prescribe pain medication for a few days to help with any soreness. Your pet should not have any lingering issues from a routine dental exam and treatment.

Contact Our Animal Hospital In Reisterstown Today

Contact TLC for Pets Animal Hospital in Reisterstown at 410-833-1717 and schedule a pet dental exam today. We will take care of your pet's oral health needs and give your pet the tender loving care they deserve. Your pet can't tell you what is going on with their teeth, and it is vital to get a yearly dental exam for your pet.