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Senior Dog Care

TLC For Pets Veterinary Hospital Can Help With Senior Dog Care

The age of which a dog is considered a “senior" animal varies according to its size. Very large breeds are considered an older animal by age 5 or 6. Small breeds may be considered “senior” around 10 years of age. At these ages, dogs need a bit more daily care, and more frequent visits to the vet are recommended. At TLC For Pets Veterinary Hospital in Reisterstown, MD, we can provide the special care that senior dogs need.

Special Needs of Senior Pets

As with people, aging can cause physical changes in dogs that require additional care. Their appetites may lessen, which can affect proper nutrition. They may develop vision or hearing problems. Many animals develop arthritis as they age, which may slow them down physically and can cause pain. Some older dogs develop cognitive problems that cause personality changes. Bringing your dog into the vet every six months can help to monitor and address these issues, so your companion can make the most of these later years.

Veterinary Care For Senior Dogs

Your Reisterstown vet will give particular attention to your senior dog during regular examinations to detect any problems with vision, hearing, skin or joints. Vaccinations and other preventive care are particularly important for older animals, to prevent illness and ensure they continue to thrive. Your vet may administer blood or urine tests to detect the early stages of diseases that can be controlled effectively through good veterinary care. Finally, the vet can advise you on proper feeding and exercise for your older dog.

Make TLC For Pets Veterinary Hospital Your Veterinarian in Reisterstown

Dr. Lucas, Dr. Goode and the team at TLC For Pets Veterinary Hospital are dedicated to providing quality care for their patients in Reisterstown, MD, and surrounding areas. We offer a broad range of services for every stage of life, including vaccinations, dental care, puppy and kitten care, surgery, pain management, dermatology, and orthopedic care. Call TCL For Pets Veterinary Hospital today at 410-833-1717 for an appointment to learn about the best ways to keep your senior dog happy, healthy and active.