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Puppy Care

Puppy Care At TLC for Pets

Getting a new puppy can be an exciting time for you and your family. Your puppy is adorable, and most likely everyone in your circle will instantly fall in love with your little darling. But he is also a lot of work, and puppy care is something that needs to be taken very seriously from the very beginning. One of the top things you'll want to do is find your new pet a Reisterstown veterinarian you can trust. At TLC for Pets Veterinary Hospital, we love meeting new puppy patients and helping their people get on the right road to great puppy care and beyond. Here are a few ideas to make your new addition a positive for everyone.

Making Your Puppy Part of Your Family

When your puppy comes home there will be an adjustment period where you simply need to get used to one another, and your puppy needs to learn to follow a few rules.

"Bathroom" Rules

When your puppy is young he will likely need to eliminate often, and your goal should be to make sure he does so in a place that is consistent and convenient for you. For most, that means going outside, but some choose to have a safe indoor area as well, especially if they have a dog that is sensitive to harsh weather. Keeping your new dog's bathroom area away from other animals will limit their chance of disease. Make sure it is an area where your puppy will feel safe, and bring them there whenever there is a good chance he will have to go, When they go in the proper area, praise them and offer them small treats. Keep attention to accidents minimal. A simple" no", and a journey to the proper spot is sufficient. Patience and consistency are key.

Feeding Routine

Puppies need to eat more often and in smaller amounts when they are young, up to 4 times a day. By the time they are a year, they should be down to twice a day. Talk to your breeder or rescuer about the type of food they were fed before they came home with you, and research food brands to find something that is both healthy and in your budget.

Your Puppy's Health

Proper puppy care is a collaborative effort between you and your veterinarian. At home, you need to be on the lookout for signs of illness including

  • appetite changes
  • breathing issues
  • discharge from the nose or eyes
  • diarrhea or constipation
  • swelling of eyes or abdomen
  • vomiting

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Take notes on any of these, and keep your veterinarian informed. Your puppy will need several good visits, as well as a variety of vaccinations for things like the parvovirus, distemper, and rabies vaccinations, and just to make sure that he is growing and developing the way he should. At TLC for Pets Veterinary Hospital in Reisterstown, MD we are committed to helping you get many happy healthy years out of your new pet. To schedule an appointment, contact us at 410-833-1717.