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Dental Care

Preventative Dental Care and Treatment for Your Pet

dog getting teeth brushed in Reisterstown, MD

Having a dog or cat is a great joy to any pet owner, and there are many things to consider when choosing a Reistertown veterinarian. Among those is your pet's dental care.

Why Dental Care is Important For Your Dog or Cat

Taking care of your pet's teeth takes a dual effort on the part of you and your vet, so it is important to have a good relationship with your veterinary clinic in order to see that your pet is getting the care they need. At TLC for Pets, we take this very seriously. Not only do we provide you with dental advice customized to your pet's needs, we can also provide periodic deep cleanings that can help to prevent plaque and tartar build up from getting out of hand. Too much tartar not only affects the look and smell of your dog or cat's mouth, but the bacteria can lead to other infections and can even affect their heart.

The Role of Your Reisterstown Veterinarian

Both the veterinarians at TLC for Pets, Dr. Mitchell Lucas and Dr. Joy Goode, take their role of helping maintain good dental health for your cat or dog very seriously. Since brushing a pet's teeth can be hard, they take the time to instruct pet owners on proper technique so that they can be as thorough as possible. They will also address any special concerns applicable to an individual pet. Our vets can also provide deep cleanings at the veterinary hospital under anesthesia in order to scrape existing plaque and tartar away. They are also able to take x-rays that will identify other damage, including periodontal disease and screen for oral cancer.

The Pet Owner's Role

Of course, your vet can't be there for your pet every day, but it is important to take them back to the vet at least yearly for their exam. Since small breeds and seniors have more issues with dental problems, it may be necessary to bring them in more often. A big part of caring for your pet's teeth is up to you. Dental chews can be beneficial for your pet, but using a good quality toothpaste and brush designed for animal use one to two times a day can also make a big difference. It is important to begin the process as early as possible  in your pet's life so that they will tolerate brushing. Not only will they be more used to the process, but the fact that their teeth and gums are healthy makes it less likely that the procedure will be painful. 

A healthy mouth and set of teeth will enhance your pet's quality of life, and protect their overall health. If you're concerned about your dog or cat's teeth, or are just looking for a good vet for your dog or cat in the Baltimore area,  call our Reisterstown veterinary hospital today at (410) 833-1717 to schedule an appointment!