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Looking for a Cuddly Dog? Check out These Pet Breeds

Looking for a Cuddly Dog? Check out These Pet BreedsPets Veterinary Hospital in Reisterstown shares the cuddliest dog breeds. Get pet exams for your new pets first appointment with Reisterstown veterinarian

You may be a person who prefers an independent pet dog or cat, or you might want your very own cuddle-bun. Your veterinarian at TLC for Pets Veterinary Hospital in Reisterstown gives you the canine cuddle-bun low-down on which breeds are most apt to keep you cozy and warm this winter.


Affectionately known as little love bugs, if your pug is not in your lap, then he or she will be following you wherever you go. Comical characters, if you do decide to have your pug sleep in your bed, get ready for some serious snoring serenades.


They may look serious but these boys and girls are ultimately loyal, loving, and snuggly. Despite their couch-cuddling, they do need to get out for a stroll or two which they will be delighted to do by your side.


Maybe it’s because they know you’ve probably saved them from an unknown fate, but these dogs want nothing more than to loll about in a cozy place close to you.

Bichon Frise

A true trickster who loves adoring attention, not only will this breed entertain you, but when the show is over, it’s into your lap he hops. Another plus – his coat is hypoallergenic.

Boston Terrier

An exuberant, high-energy dog, when playtime is over, it’s his person’s lap he or she wants. Not much shedding happens here, either, so these dogs also make excellent bed-fellows.

English Toy Spaniel

If you spend a good deal of time away from home, this is probably not the breed for you. These dogs need to be with their people constantly. Sitting on the couch, reading or watching television? This little guy will be happy to cuddle up by your side for the duration.

Australian Shepard

Larger than some, though this breed loves to run and play, he or she also relishes those times lying at your feet, leaning up against you or trying to cozy up in your lap.


These big boys and girls would love to be lap dogs, but need to settle for lying at your feet or sitting by your legs and leaning against them.


These hairless pups need your body heat to keep warm in winter, but they also love snuggling up against you. Lift up the covers, because this baby loves to get under and nestle up close and comfortable with you.

When you get your own huggable pet dog or cat, make sure to make your first appointment with TLC for Pets Veterinary Hospital in Reisterstown. Give us a call and our veterinarian will give your new pet the best veterinary care in the Reisterstown area.